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We are here to help your business grow

Focus on your business

With a simple online application and our fast decision, you can focus all your attention to managing your company. However, we will make sure that you have as many additional funds as you need to realize your business goals. We will make sure you have them right when you need it. Taking your business to the next level has never been so easy.

Fast, accessible and more competitive loan

Cityfinances is a non-banking financing company that offers faster, more accessible and more competitive business loans to small and medium size businesses. With Cityfinances services such as Business loans, Factoring, Business financing and Small business financing, it is possible to speed up your business growth, improve competitiveness and explore new export markets. Services are available to a very wide range of companies – starting from EUR 50 000 annual turnover to up to several millions. The available loan amount – between EUR 10 000 and EUR 200 000.

Cityfinances mission statement

To provide an opportunity for each small and medium size company to access necessary financing when they need it to boost their business growth and continue to operate without disruptions even if clients have not made their payments on time or the company has unexpected expenses.

Cityfinances vision

To stabilize cashflow for small and medium size companies, to develop a secure foundation for growth with fast, convenient and friendly loan.

Cityfinances team

Cityfinances is made up of people with extensive experience in entrepreneurship, who understand that in business every minute is important. Therefore you can be sure that you will not get stuck in extensive bureaucratic procedures. Our consultants are understanding, easygoing, friendly and open. Each client who chooses to work with us witnesses it.

Ivars Vītols company founder

Ethics, honesty, and transparency

«From my experience I can say that until now receiving a business loan with acceptable terms has been a very complicated and lengthy procedure, even if the business is doing well. With Cityfinances, we want to change this. Our extensive experience allows us to issue business loans to small and medium size companies for their further growth. We believe that foundation of successful collaboration is ethical entrepreneurship, honesty and transparency. Value your time, say no to unnecessary expenses and complicated selection procedures. We will provide financing to your business for faster growth.»

Ivars Vītols, the founder of Cityfinances

Get the best suitable financing solution for your business