Get cash immediately after issuing an invoice

Get Factoring from EUR 5000 to EUR 50 000

  • Factoring starting at 0.05% per day
  • Payment when the client pays the invoice
  • Get cash within 24 hours from the moment of issuing an invoice
  • Term up to 120 days
  • Opportunity to insure issued invoices
  • Opportunity to extend repayment term

How to get Factoring?

Factoring, Issue an invoice to a client, fill out and submit the application form

Issue an invoice to a client, fill out and submit the application form.

Factoring, We will transfer the money to your account immediately after signing the contract

We will transfer the money to your account immediately after signing the contract.

You will repay to Cityfinances once the client has paid the invoice.

Factoring calculator

Planned Factoring amount

Repayment term

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Ivars Vītols factoring
Ivars Vītols

Business consultant

Ivars has earned two Master’s degrees in Business and Management. He has advised technology, logistics, manufacturing and sales companies as well as companies representing other fields of business in implementation of more than 100 business projects. For the past 15 years he has collaborated with companies in Europe, China and Russian FMCG segment, provides consultations on new brand integration in the market, effective sales structures, establishment of logistics chain and financing businesses. Ivars invests his knowledge and experience as well as uses his business contacts to ensure achievement of the planned results for each client.


Many companies in some stage of their development process come to a point when their own assets are not enough for ensuring daily business operations. It is not always related to bad management or internal problems. Often the problem is the financial issues of collaboration partners who cannot make their payments on time. Exporters have experienced a situation of economic downfall extending into economic crisis. A company has to pay salaries to employees, taxes to the State and invoices to service providers. What to do? The solution is Cityfinances Small business loan service – Factoring.

It is financing for operating expenses. It is a flexible and easy to receive Cityfinances Small business loan service that allows for financing in the amount of the issued invoice. Factoring is available for any company registered in Latvia or elsewhere in the European Union, and whose semi-annual turnover is at least EUR 50 000.

The process is very simple. When you have issued an invoice to a client with a payment term of several months, fill out and submit the application form. We will prepare the contract, and within 24 hours of signing, the first payment of two will be transferred to your account. Factoring includes financing 80-90% of the invoice value. A precise amount will be determined by our consultant after evaluating company field of business and credit history of its clients. This solution will help you insure invoices up to EUR 30 000 for the period of 120 days. You will repay the loan when the client pays the invoice.

Interest rate per day – starting at 0.05%. It is determined by the invoice amount and company’s (for which it has been issued to) credit history.

Factoring will maintain stable cash flow and will allow your business to continue to grow without any long-term debt.

If you wish to receive anoffer, fill out the application form or call as at +371 23000777.

Factoring terms

Amount: starting at EUR 5 000 up to EUR 30 000*

Financing term: 10 to 120 days

Interest rate: starting at 0.05% per day

Financing scope: up to 90% of the invoice value

Other expenses: in accordance with Cityfinances price list.

Necessary documents: Client invoice and contract, operating balance, and bank statement.

*if your company needs a greater limit for invoice financing, contact us!

Cityfinances Factoring solution is available:

  • To limited liability companies registered in Latvia and elsewhere in the European Union.
  • To companies with semi-annual turnover exceeding EUR 50 000.
  • To companies that sell goods or services to other companies on deferred payment terms.

Price list

Processing fees
Business loan and financing application evaluation Free
Early loan repayment Free
Processing invoices that do not exceed EUR 1000.00 20.00 EUR
Pledge registration 20.00 EUR
Pledge processing In accordance with State fees and Notary price lists
Amending repayment schedule 2% of the remaining loan amount, minimum commission fee: EUR 250.00
Factoring 3.5-5% of the loan amount, minimum commission fee: EUR 350.00

Clients who use the Business loan solution for the second time can receive 30% discount of the processing fees.

How to get Factoring?

1.Apply for Factoring

Fill out the application form electronically on Cityfinances webpage.
Filling out the application form will only take 5 minutes.

2. We will review your application within 2 hours

After verifying all information, Cityfinances consultants will review your application for Factoring. If the project is accepted, we will prepare an offer. We will provide a response on availability of Factoring and its terms within 2 hours to 1 business day.

3. Get Factoring in just 1 day

After signing the contract, the funds will be transferred to your account within 1 hour. The transfer takes up to 1 day, depending on the receiving bank.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of companies Cityfinances Factoring is suitable for?

Cityfinances Factoring solution is suitable for financing and encouraging growth of small and medium size companies of any field of business.
Cityfinances ensures friendly and accessible Factoring to any entrepreneur, therefore we encourage you to get in contact with our consultants to find the most suitable solution for you!

Why Cityfinances?

Cityfinances Factoring solution is a friendly and available loanup to EUR 30 000 with an interest rate 0.05% per day, and term – up to 120 days,and is available for companies of any field for encouraging their business growth and advancement.

Do I have to pay for application review?

Applications are reviewed free of charge. You also have an opportunity to receive free consultations and information on other Cityfinances financing services.

How is Factoring interest rate determined?

Interest rate is determined for each company individually. Our consultants have developed a unique project review method, which is based on scoring and uses various parameters for creating each individual offer. In such way, the interest rate is determined in a fast and effective manner. Companies that meet their credit obligations timely and responsibly receive exclusive offers.

My company needs Factoring that exceeds EUR 30 000. Is it possible to receive larger amount?

Cityfinances mitigates lender risks, however, on certain occasions it is possible to receive a quick business loan of up to EUR 1 000 000. In such case, we encourage you to contact our consultants for individual application review.

Can one company simultaneously receive Factoring for more than one invoice?

Yes, the contract allows for applying and receiving financing simultaneously for more than one invoice.