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Small business loans for growth

Small business loans, Small business financing, faster friendlier more comfortable

Business loan

Faster, friendlier and more comfortable. Flexible repayment term for up to 2 years. Close several agreements for a business loan at once. No penalties for term extension. No hidden fees.

Small business loans,Small business financing, simpler than receiving loan


Simplier than receiving a loan. Start financing one or more issued invoices with Factoring. Do not wait for the payment from clients for 15 to 120 days, receive it in one day.

Small business loans, Small business financing, speed up your business growth

Business financing

Speed up your business growth. Business financing for companies with annual turnover exceeding EUR 500 000. Business financing for up to EUR 200 000 with customized repayment term.

Small business loans, Small business financing, financing for product

Small business financing

Financing for product-ready businesses with active sales but insufficient capital for the next breakthrough. Small business financing is available for businesses with annual turnover exceeding EUR 50 000.

Why collaborate with Cityfinances and choose
Small business loans?

Small and medium enterprises have deserved to get access fast and easy business loans. Cityfinances works to smooth out cash flow for companies and helps to build stable foundation for your business growth.

  • Faster, easier, and more comfortable
  • Convenient collaboration terms
  • No hidden fees or penalties for earlier repayment
  • A solution tailored to your business needs
  • Online transactions
  • In addition to financing you will receive valuable advice and beneficial business contacts

Cityfinances Small business loans is the best solution for your business

Friendly small business loans

Individual solution for your business

Are you working on a long-term project with deferred payment terms, but you company needs current assets? Clients are not paying on time, but you must pay to suppliers? Cityfinances small business loans – a great opportunity for small and medium size businesses to receive financing fast and on convenient terms. We offer tested solutions approved by customers – Business loan, Factoring, Business financing and Small business financing.

Small business loans are available for any company. We understand that your time is valuable, therefore formalities has been made facilitated. In only 5 minutes you fill out the application form, our specialists evaluate it and prepare an offer. The type of financing depends on the amount requested and utilization planned. Within only 24 hours after signing the loan agreement the cash will be transferred to your company’s account.

Business loan

Do not let short term cash flow difficulties to affect your business! Business loan is a small business loans in situations like this. Cityfinances consultants have developed this solution of needs for small and medium size companies of different fields of business.

Apart from other financial institutions that prefer projects with lower risk and require securities, Cityfinances Business loan is a perfect chance to advance your business in its development phase when it is so crucial to have fast access to financing for jumpstarting new projects. It will also help to speed up the pace of your business, to expand manufacturing and execute bold innovations. Business loan provides financing between EUR 3000 and EUR 200 000. On special occasions, we consider issuing a loan to businesses up to 1 million euros. We simply need your operating balance, profit/ loss statement, bank account statement, short description of the project idea that includes a motivated statement on the reason for financing, as well as the planed repayment term of the Business loan.

Repayment term is flexible and tailored to your business needs – ranging from 1 month to 2 years. You are welcome to repay the loan earlier. You can repay the Business loan at any time. However, if you feel the need to extend the repayment term, it can be done without any penalty fees.

Business loan stands out with its friendly interest rate and individually tailored terms. It is available for companies of any field of industry. Even if the bank has refused financing and you are in doubt if your company is even a candidate for receiving a business loan, contact our consultants. Perhaps our Business loan will help your company to achieve faster growth.


Many companies in some stage of their development process come to a point when their own assets are not enough for ensuring daily business operations. It is not always related to bad management. Often the problem is the financial issues of collaboration partners who cannot make their payments on time. Exporters have experienced a situation of economic downfall extending into economic crisis. A company has to pay salaries to employees, taxes to the State and invoices to service providers. What to do? The solution is Cityfinances Small business loan service – Factoring.

Factoring is financing to cover operating expenses. It is a flexible and easy to receive Cityfinances Small business loan service that allows to receive financing in amount of the issued invoice. It is available for any company registered in Latvia or elsewhere in the European Union, and whose semi-annual turnover is at least EUR 50 000.

The process is very simple. When you have issued an invoice to a client with a payment term of several months, fill out and submit the application. We will prepare the contract, and within 24 hours of signing, the first payment of two will be transferred to your account. Factoring includes financing up to 80-90% of the invoice value. A precise amount will be determined by our consultant after evaluating company’s field of business and credit history of its clients. Factoring will help you insure invoices for up to EUR 50 000 for the period of 120 days. You will repay the loan when the client pays the invoice.

Factoring interest rate per day starting at 0.05%. It is determined by the invoice amount and the company’s (for which it has been issued to) credit history.

Factoring will maintain stable cash flow and will allow your business to grow continuously without any long-term commitment.

Business financing

You have a clear plan on how to expand your business. You want to improve a new service or product, to swiftly expand your scope of operation or to conquer pristine markets. If this applies to you, you need Business financing!

Business financing is one of Cityfinances Small business loans services. It is intended for operational development of medium size companies with annual turnover exceeding EUR 500 000. With Business financing, you can start materializing new projects immediately and increase competitiveness. This financial solution will boost growth and provide an opportunity for your company to swiftly reach its potential.

Apply for Business financing, we will review your specific needs and issue financing up to EUR 200 000. Repayment term will be tailored to your financial business needs.

Small business financing

Small business financing is a solution for already operating small businesses with annual turnover exceeding EUR 50 000. This Cityfinances solution is an excellent tool to speed up your business growth, protect it from unexpected cash insufficiencies or to stabilize cash flow. It will especially come handy to businesses with fluctuating monthly income, as well as while working on long-term projects.

Do not put off your development plans just because you think there is not enough money for everything. Cityfinances solution Small business financing will help to eliminate the dilemma – to invest funds into a new project, to pay salaries to employees or to pay to collaboration partners. Submit the application by taking 5 minutes to fill out the form, and within 24 hours after signing the contract we will transfer the money to your company’s account, so you can materialize all your plans at once.

Within the Small business financing solution, Cityfinances will issue a loan to your company up to EUR 10 000. Try it out, and maybe very soon your business will not be small anymore.